Protecting Your Parental Rights In Divorce

When a marriage or nonmarital relationship ends, the individuals involved are frequently most concerned about maintaining a strong relationship with a child or children. Negotiating an agreement on how to divide parenting time with your child's other parent can get tense and argumentative. If you are unable to reach a solution, the court will decide how to divide time between both parents.

It is always best to resolve children's issues in divorce without litigating. Both parties retain more control over what their parenting roles will be after divorce if they work together to reach a solution outside of court. At The Law Firm of Debra J. Braselton, P.C., in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, we strive to help our clients resolve parenting disputes through negotiations. If initial attempts to reach agreement are unsuccessful, we often use a third-party mediator who will work to resolve the dispute.

If you have an existing child support or parenting time arrangement that no longer makes sense, you may be able to have it modified. We can help. Call 630-348-6723.

We Have Extensive Experience With Children And Divorce Issues

Unfortunately, not all disputes can be resolved without litigating. If a fair agreement is not on the table, attorney Debra J. Braselton will advocate for you in court, protecting your interests and preserving your relationship with your child.

Ms. Braselton has extensive experience and training in legal disputes regarding child matters. She assists clients in resolving:

  • Custody and visitation matters, which, under new Illinois statutes, are now referred to as "parental responsibility" and "parenting time."
  • Child support issues, which are determined using income-based guidelines, but it is possible to deviate from those guidelines for special circumstances

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