Create An Effective Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are not only fully enforceable under Illinois, they are actually encouraged. These agreements are no longer the tools of the very wealthy. Since marriage itself is a contract, premarital agreements are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the culture and considered sound, proactive business decisions.

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Attorney Debra Braselton Offers Sound Advice On Illinois Prenuptial Agreements

The intended purposes of most prenuptial agreements are:

  • Estate planning — A spouse is entitled to renounce a will and claim a significant portion of the deceased spouse's estate, even if the will sought to disinherit the spouse and protect the estate for the children.
  • Domestic relations issues — One of two marriages today will end in divorce. Premarital agreements can plan for an equitable split in the event the marriage falls apart.
  • Property division — A premarital agreement allows the parties to designate what would otherwise be considered marital property as nonmarital property, thereby avoiding distribution upon divorce.
  • Child rearing — A prenuptial agreement can decide issues of maintenance, support and a child's upbringing in the event of divorce.

Requirements for a valid prenuptial agreement include full financial disclosure, timeliness so that the agreement can be thoroughly reviewed, and attention to the possibility that other legal documents could conflict with the agreement and cause costly litigation.

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