Can The Birth Parents Take The Baby Back?

This is, without a doubt, the number one question that prospective adoptive parents ask! Cases like "Baby Jessica" and "Baby Richard" captured national attention. Couples who are just beginning the adoption process naturally focus on this issue.

However, even though unbearable heartbreak was caused in these and other cases, good things have resulted: stronger adoption laws have been enacted to protect all of the parties and prevent such heartbreak in the future.

There is no easy answer to the "number one question". Each state has its own adoption laws and each adoption is unique. Diligent and meticulous attention to state adoption laws is paramount to a successful adoption. Open and honest communication between attorney and client every step of the way is crucial. In Illinois, as in many other states, an adoption agency must be involved and that agency's actions and input are very important.

If "red flags" occur, the attorney, agency and client must work together to evaluate the risk and decide whether that particular situation is worth pursuing. In my opinion, no one should be dissuaded from pursuing adoption because of notorious cases.