Guidance Through The Adoption Process

At the Law Firm of Debra J. Braselton, P.C., we understand the complexities and frustrations that parents face when pursuing adoption.

Debra Braselton is a skilled, experienced family lawyer who provides quality legal services for families pursuing adoption. She is also a former certified nurse midwife who delivered more than 1,000 babies while on staff at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago. She brings the caring and compassion of the nursing profession to the practice of family law.

In her own words ...

"My first exposure to the adoption process was when I worked as a certified nurse midwife at a large teaching hospital in Chicago. As a nurse midwife, I provided prenatal care, delivered babies and also cared for my patients after birth.

During my 13 years of practice, I cared for about a dozen women who chose to place their babies for adoption. Through these women, I came to know intimately the feelings and emotions that a birth mother experiences when making an adoption plan. I learned that choosing adoption is the hardest choice that any woman will ever make — it is truly a sacrifice. Women who choose adoption do so because they love their babies and want the best for them.

My next experience with the adoption process came when my husband and I adopted our two children. We are fortunate to have two wonderful children who were adopted as newborns. Both of our adoptions were private and are open. We feel fortunate to have wonderful, continuing relationships with both of our children's birth mothers.

Aside from building my own family through adoption, the most satisfying part of my professional life is being able to help other people through the adoption process as their attorney. I believe that I provide a unique insight and special sensitivity to my clients through the combination of my experiences as nurse midwife, adoptive parent and attorney."

Debra Braselton Practices Family Law — Exclusively, And With Excellence

Adoption services offered to our clients include:

  • Legal representation in Illinois
  • Interstate and international adoptions
  • Coordination of effort between you and your agency
  • Advocacy on your behalf with your adoption agency
  • Creation of effective "Dear Birth Parent" letters
  • Writing effective classified advertising for you
  • Designing and promoting your personal web page to maximize your visibility to birth parents

Our firm has compiled a list of frequently asked questions about adoption and the adoption process below:

Adoption Office Conference

Learning everything you can about adoption is the key to becoming a successful adoptive parent. This educational session will give you a running start.

The one-hour meeting begins with our gathering information about you, what child you desire to adopt and what steps you may already have taken. After getting to know your needs, we provide information about local adoption agencies to help you decide which is most likely to serve your needs. We discuss specific strategies to help you achieve your objective efficiently and inexpensively. The meeting concludes with answers to your specific questions about adoption.

Debra Braselton is a skilled DuPage, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, Lisle, Elmhurst, Naperville adoption attorney who represents a wide variety of clients, from at-home parents to chief executives. We invite you to contact us at 630-261-1222 and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your family law matter. Please see our Initial Consultation page for further information. All contacts with our firm are kept strictly confidential.