Three Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce

Debra J. Braselton, founding attorney of the Law Firm of Debra J. Braselton, P.C., was an early adopter of the practice of collaborative law in Illinois, particularly where divorce is concerned. With more than 20 years of practice in the family law field, she has seen the impact litigated divorces can have on families, especially young children. Collaborative divorces offer a way to resolve difficult and sometimes complex legal issues as a marriage ends.

Getting a collaborative divorce in Illinois became standardized at the beginning of 2018, when Illinois adopted the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA). UCLA provides standards of behavior and training for all lawyers who offer this service for clients.

What Are The Benefits Of A Collaborative Divorce?

In general, the cooperative focus of collaborative divorce proceedings lowers the stress levels for families, who are not forced to confront each other in court. Additionally, the details of the settlement remain private, as opposed to litigated divorces, which are a matter of public record.

Here are several other advantages of a collaborative divorce:

  1. You stay focused on the "big picture," which is moving on with your life. The collaborative process is centered on creating win-win agreements, not determining "winners" and "losers."
  2. It is future-focused, which means your energies are concentrated on constructing a workable co-parenting plan and participating in other decisions that will allow both of you to thrive after the divorce is final.
  3. It reduces the chance of post-divorce conflict, because you and your ex-spouse have collaborated on the agreement and should be able to abide by it.

It does take an extra level of cooperation to develop a collaborative divorce settlement. You and your ex-spouse will have to peacefully negotiate everything from parenting rights and responsibilities to the division of your property. You will also need to be open to advice from an entire team of experts, including:

  • Your own attorney
  • Divorce coaches
  • Financial professionals
  • Tax advisers

Discover Even More Benefits Related To Collaborative Divorce

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