What To Post (And Not Post) On Social Media During A Divorce

Over the past decade, social media has given people the ability to easily share life events and to keep with friends near and far. However, social media can also provide the opposing party with evidence and negative consequences in contentious family law situations.

Our firm, the Law Firm of Debra J. Braselton, P.C., focuses exclusively on family law issues. We have helped settle or litigate thousands of divorces and have a deep understanding of how connections and posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram impact divorce cases. You can trust our lead attorney's advice on what is safe to share on social networking platforms.

Who Can See This Post? Everyone, During A Divorce Case.

Some divorce clients think that if they are not connected to their ex-spouse on social media or if they strictly limit who can "see" the post, they can vent about matters related to the divorce. Nothing could be further from the truth. At a minimum, you should avoid posting about:

  • Your intention to get divorced, your court dates or when your divorce has been finalized
  • Badmouthing your spouse, even if you feel you were treated poorly
  • Incriminating yourself by discussing excessive spending or attempting to hide valuable assets
  • Anything about interest in dating or new relationships — at least until well after your divorce is finalized

Your social media postings (as well as postings on blogs or other online sites) are not immune from examination or being used as evidence in a divorce trial. Before you post anything, especially something that could relate to your divorce, ask yourself: "Would I want my ex, or my ex's attorney, or the judge in our divorce case, reading this?"

Made A Mistake? Do Not Delete Before Consulting A Lawyer.

If you have posted something negative and are concerned about how it will be viewed by the court, do not immediately remove it. You can be sanctioned for deleting content from social media accounts for "spoilage of evidence." Contact our attorney for a consultation immediately if you are regretting a post you made. She can advise you on your best course of action.

Contact Us If You Worry About Social Media Impacting Divorce Decisions

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