How long does it take in Illinois to get a divorce?

Since each case is unique, there is generally no way to determine how long it will take to obtain a dissolution of your marriage. The exception to this rule is that under the Supreme Court Rules since July 2006, allocation of parental rights and responsibilities proceedings are supposed to be expedited and are supposed to be resolved within 18 months after service. If the 18 month time frame is not met the court is to make written findings as to the reason for the delay.

The most that can be generally stated as to issues which are involved in a case other than allocation of parental rights and responsibilities is that the more issues that are presented to the court the longer the case will generally take to complete. Cases which require frequent trips to court take longer to resolve since court dockets are crowded and therefore litigation is the most time consuming way to resolve an issue. The length of your divorce also depends on a number of things including the county in which the case is filed.