Is there more than one type of maintenance?

Yes, there are several different types of maintenance:

Temporary maintenance is awarded prior to the parties obtaining a dissolution of their marriage. During the pendency of the divorce action, temporary maintenance may be awarded. The focus in a temporary maintenance award is to preserve the status quo during the pendency of the case. At the conclusion of the case, the temporary maintenance order will expire, as will all other temporary orders

Permanent maintenance which Permanent maintenance lasts until the payor spouse petitions for a change or until the occurrence of certain events such as the death of one of the parties. Permanent maintenance is appropriate in situations where the receiving spouse has little or no prospect of being able to support herself without contribution from the other spouse.

Rehabilitative maintenance which is awarded to a spouse usually for a specific period of time which the court believes it will take for him or her to return to the job market and become self-supporting, and

Reviewable maintenance which is reviewed by the court after a specified period of time to determine whether the recipient has become self-supporting at which time the maintenance award can be modified, extended or terminated.