Must child support terminate when the child reaches age 18 or can it continue?

In Illinois, adult children (over the age of 18) have the right to continued support for education, to finish high school and attend college or trade school, or if they suffer some impairment as a result of which they cannot support themselves. In the matter of a college education and post-childhood support, children of divorce have greater rights than those of intact families.

Both parents, or in the event of a parent's death, the estate of the parent, are responsible for the support of children over age 18 years when:

  • the child is mentally or physically disabled and not otherwise emancipated
  • the child is attending high school, or post-secondary college, professional or other training after graduation from high school. Educational expenses may include, but are not be limited to, room, board, dues, tuition, transportation, books, fees, registration and application costs, medical expenses including medical insurance, dental expenses, and living expenses during the school year and periods of recess, which sums may be ordered payable to the child, to either parent, or to the educational institution, directly or through a special account or trust created for that purpose, as the court sees fit.