What impact does a parent's remarriage, or having other children, have on child support?

Children are not to be penalized for circumstances or living arrangements over which they have no control. Child support may not be reduced below the statutory minimum based solely on the fact that the custodial parent supports other persons not entitled to support by the noncustodial parent, or the custodial parent is receiving welfare. The situation becomes complicated when the custodial parent has other children in addition to the current respondent's child to support. In such event, the child's need is one relevant factor in determining support, along with other relevant factors, including the social problems surrounding one sibling having more than others, the visitation (or relationship) with noncustodial parent, and the extent to which payments by the respondent parent actually benefit those who are not directly entitled to the support benefit. The court will consider all relevant facts in an effort to provide support for all of the children, but there is a sort of "rule of thumb" that the first family ought not be deprived to meet the needs of the second family.