What is the definition of "net income" for child support purposes?

"Net income" for child support purposes is defined as the total of all income from all sources, minus the following deductions:

  1. Federal income tax (properly calculated withholding or estimated payments)
  2. State income tax (properly calculated withholding or estimated payments)
  3. Social Security (FICA payments)
  4. Mandatory retirement contributions required by law or as a condition of employment
  5. Union dues
  6. Dependent and individual health/hospitalization insurance premiums
  7. Prior obligations of support or maintenance actually paid pursuant to a court order
  8. Expenditures for repayment of debts that represent reasonable and necessary expenses for the production of income, medical expenditures necessary to preserve life or health, reasonable expenditures for the benefit of the child and the other parent, exclusive of gifts. The court shall reduce net income in determining the minimum amount of support to be ordered only for the period that such payments are due and shall enter an order containing provisions for its self-executing modification upon termination of such payment period.
  9. That portion of the health insurance premiums for which the supporting party is responsible.